Teen Recovery from Drug Abuse-Where to Begin

Teen recovery from drug abuse begins with proper evaluation and identification of the problem. There are different levels or kinds of substance use problems. And with teens these stages can advance more quickly than with adults.

The adolescent brain is less mature than its adult counterpart. Additionally, an adolescents ability to make sound judgements based on good reasoning is still developing. Therefore, the effect on the adolescent bain of powerful mood altering drugs is profound.

Adolescents go through a variety of fearsome life challenges and expeience tremendous mood swings. Alcohol and other drugs seem to provide a quick solution to dealing with the powerful negative feelings that accompany these challenges.

And, if by way of family history, the adolescent is prone to respond to alcohol and other drugs with a strong desire to repeat the experience of intoxication, he or she is at a higher risk of developing a problem quickly.

But, as with adults, adolescents typically deny they have a drug or alcohol problem. Using the many forms of excuse making, lying, hiding, avoiding, and justifying of problem behaviors, they delude themselves and their families as to the truth related to their use of substances.

So, teen drug abuse recovery begins with a good evaluation and assessment.

Teen Recovery from Drug Abuse, the Process, the Truth, and Family Renewal

Teen recovery from drug abuse is a process which happens over time. For teens especially the element of time is so important. Over a period of time teens and their parents need to see the truth as it relates the teen's drug and alcohol use and the negative consequences from it.

As the teen's ability, or inability, to stay drug and alcohol free reveals itself, everyone gets a look at the truth. If a problem doesn't exist or if the problem involves only a one time exercise of poor judgement, that will be revealed. If the problem with substance use is more significant, that will be revealed and will be dealt with.

But either way, teen recovery from drug abuse begins with an initial evaluation. It continues then with an expectation that the teen stay alcohol and drug free. Then in a collaboration between the counselor, the parents, and the teen the counseling process and its components unfold over time.

In this collaboration the parents, the counselor and the teen can accept the truth- it will become obvious -and take effective action to make recovery happen.

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