Facts About Alcoholism

Alcoholism Is A Disease
Get The Facts You Need To Combat It

Armed with the facts about alcoholism, you can battle this debilitating disease and win your life back.

Alcoholism is biologically-based, progressive and very often fatal illness.

Like other serious illnesses, recovery from alcoholism doesn't happen without real help and real change.

Alcoholism is a disease with four identifiable symptoms:

  • Regular use of alcohol
  • Loss of control: Difficulty managing the amount or frequency of drinking.
  • Preoccupation: Thinking about drinking a lot. Periodic or regular cravings to drink. Many life events coupled to drinking.
  • Continued drinking in spite of the problems caused by it.
Alcoholism is not caused by a lack of willpower or a character flaw. It destroys the will. It masks the true character of the addicted person.

When you know this about alcoholism, you see that you have to do something about it. And you know that you need help. Fortunately, that help is available right now.

The struggle to deal with this problem on your own is over. No more seesawing between relative self control and days of no control over how much or how often you drink. No more feeling like no one appreciates how hard you've tried.

Instead, picture having regular and effective reinforcement of your efforts to get sober and stay sober. See yourself responding calmly and effectively to ordinary daily events. Watch yourself being warm, compassionate and caring with friends and family.

Get there by knowing what alcoholism is, what it isn't and how it's treated.

Get Help To Restore Your Life To Sanity
Learn How To Recover From The Disease Of Alcoholism

Approximately 10% of Americans suffer from alcoholism. More deaths and disabilities come from alcoholism than from almost any other cause. These are facts about alcoholism.

Alcoholism is a primary, progressive illness that doesn't go away. It's rooted in both a biological susceptibility and personal and social circumstances and behavior. It robs people of dignity, health and quality of life. Aspirations, relationships, employment, and general well-being-all slowly evaporate.

The good news is that you can recover from it with proper treatment. The ability to get sober and stay sober can be learned. That requires a willingness to be taught and an intention to do whatever it takes to recover.

To be candid, if you had the power yourself you would have fixed this problem long before you got to this website.

Recovery from alcoholism is too challenging to do on your own. This isn't the time to be a rugged individualist. It's time to contact a professional.

Seek Professional Treatment
Restore Yourself To Sobriety And Health

facts about alcoholism can help you recover your special relationships

Hundreds of thousands are managing alcoholism through competent treatment programs that educate them on the facts about alcoholism. Be one of those who are living normal lives with normal, happy relationships.

Whether you are suffering from your own alcoholism or that of a family member, co-worker or friend-there is hope and real help.

Turn to people who have been there. People who know what it's like. People who have successfully helped themselves and others learn how to be sober, healthier and to live with joy in their lives.

Many, many people have benefited from 12-step programs, a proven recovery method. Individual and group counseling is a huge addition to these programs. Most people do best with a combination of methods coupled with a strong dose of medical and recovery education.

Contact Veritas Counseling today. Be armed with the facts about alcoholism and facts about successful recovery.

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