Core Beliefs

Any Chemical Use is Potentially Harmful

For adolescents even limited or "safe" chemical use can cause significant value and decision-making problems; regular use alters brain shape, function and performance.

Recovery is Enjoyable, Stable, Truthful and Loving

Individuals who want to recover can and will "get well and stay well" if they apply themselves to to working a program of recovery. Recovery is characterized by love, truthfulness, enjoyment in living and stability of the whole person.

Substance Abuse is an Emotional Illness

As a person begins to depend on intoxication for enjoyment in living, the important ability to identify, handle and express emotions is impaired. And the ability to mature is blocked.

Addiction is a Biochemical Disease

Addiction is a serious, life-threatening  disease caused or influenced by genetics and a variety of physical, emotional, environmental and experiential factors. People with addiction who get help and use the help invariably "get well and stay well".

Substance Abuse Occurs in All Kinds of Families

Substance abuse is widespread, occurring in families and persons without repect to (although influenced by) culture, sex or sexual orientation, ethnicity, social status, etc.

Everyone in the Family is Effected by Substance Abuse

As with any other serious illness and especially with substance abuse (because denial of the problem is so prevalent and enduring), everyone in a family has to deal with it and is affected negatively by it.

Recovery Requires Support

Stopping drinking and using is one thing, but real recovery is characterized by staying stopped. And staying stopped, "getting well and staying well," requires sustained effort, encouragement, love and support.