Physical Symptoms of Alcoholism, Addiction Indicate That Disease Is Already Well-Established

Getting and accepting help for alcohol or drug addiction is crucial to permanent recovery. Many times the physical symptoms of alcoholism, drug addiction are what prompt individuals to begin to see reality clearly as to the significant danger of this disease process

Someone Who Exhibits Obvious Signs Is At Risk

The following is a list of the physical symptoms of alcoholism, addiction: Alcohol Addiction Tremors (shakes) Sweating (especially at night) High blood pressure Anxiety Depression Craving to use alcohol/preoccupation with alcohol Confused thinking Use of alcohol makes these symptoms go away

Opiate/Vicodin/OxyContin Addiction Muscle aches and pains Craving, strong desire to use Painful, flu-like symptoms Runny nose Sweating "Goose-flesh" feeling Great anxiety/worry about loss of drug

Marijuana/Cannabis Craving, strong desire to use Flu-like symptoms Mood swings Depression Irritability Lack of appetite

Methamphetamine/Cocaine/Ecstasy Craving, srong desire to use Depression Paranoid, fearful thinking and delusions Significant weight loss Fear of loss of drug

Give yourself a break- Get some help

If you are experiencing some, part or all of these symptoms of alcoholism, addiction you must be very worried about yourself. The risk of doing nothing is huge. Give yourself a break; extend to yourself the help you would recommend to a family member or a neighbor with a similar problem.

Taking Action Helps Break The Silence
So That Help & Healing Can Begin

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