Family Program

There are 2 elements to the Family Program, one as a part of Adult Individual Counseling (AIC) and the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and the other being an element of the Adolescent Program (AP).

In the AIC family may be scheduled to receive help with communication, supportive counseling and education about recovery from chemical dependency, especially from the family perspective. This is done during individual sessions.In the IOP family will be invited on a regular basis to participate in a series of groups focused on family recovery from chemical dependency. This includes family group counseling and a series of educational talks and presentations.

In the AP there is the Parent Program. This includes a teaching conference, usually scheduled on a Saturday, and series of parent and family conferences which are built into the counseling process.

Family involvement for most clients is so important. Families need help and support too. As it turns out, when families get the help they need, clients have an easier time recovering.

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