Adolescent Recovery Program (AP)

The adolescent program is an intervention really, but one that happens over time. Because adolescents have denial about their problems with chemical use (just like adults) and because the nature of adolescence necessarily involves some opposition to and disagreement with parents, some time has to be taken to help an adolescent, and their parents, see their chemical use problem and to, eventually, choose recovery. Parents and the adolescent should expect be in the Program for 6 months to one year.

Here are a list of program elements:

  • Weekly, or more, Individual Sessions with the Adolescent
  • Education for Adolescents and their Parents
  • Urine Drug Screens
  • Parent Program
  • Family Conferences
  • Elements of Recovery Assessment Process
  • 12-Step or Other Support Group Attendance
  • Support and Help for Parents Needing Referrals for their Adolescent to and from Residential Treatment
  • Aftercare Support
There are nominal extra costs for urine drug screens ($5) and for a book for parents ($12) besides the program fee.

Parents, I know you have been through a lot already; but ramp up your faith, courage, and patience. We can do this.

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